I love the idea of free software.

I love [Pyhton] because I can always count on it.

A few years ago I had a hot romace with Haskell.

However, Java is my good, old friend of mine who had never failed me.

I also have a lot of warm feelings towards Kotlin, but see above.

I love Clojure - I watched hammock programming, and then I learned Emacs with all goodies comming from wonderful Cider).

Now I’m back to The Best Editor which is Vim (well, its Neovim nowadays).

Some time ago I started to learn JavaScript, but the size of lang/lib ecosystem scared me, so right now I’m just carefully looking around.

I use Linux (since kernel 2.4, so probably since around 2003).


I’m a mom of three, currently taking care of the youngest.

If I have a bit of free time, I read, blog, write, draw, play ukulele, practice yoga, go for a walk, learn Spanish and enjoy the presence of my oder kids who want to accompany me in some of my passions.

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Mail: me [at] [domain]

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